What People Say about Jim’s Satire

“Ocean consistently skewers modern life in the USA. The songs are smart, as well as clever, but avoid the novelty stance of going for cheap laughs. Instead, they get under the skin of contemporary facades and relationships. Music for our times”
– Garth Johnson, Victory Music Review, Seattle

“…Some of the best satirical songs you’re likely to hear.”
– Dirty Linen

“Great songwriting, comedy, vaudeville”
– Rod Kennedy, Kerrville Folk Festival

“[Jim's] lyrics hit close to home, delivered with plenty of laughs.”
– Oakland Tribune

“The targets of their satire include everything from Nashville song-writers trying to make a living with ‘Love Songs for Profit’, to born-again Christians in ‘Robots for Jesus’ to thought-provoking, ‘America is Only as Good as your Next-door Neighbor’.”
– The Press News; Spokane, WA

“In ‘Hard to be Real’, Ocean balances a sweet, poppy melody with this shot of vinegar: ‘Jessica’s body is like chiffon; she smoothes it one fold at a time. But the surgical steel and the silicon have had an effect on her mind. When she’s posing, she’s looking so hot. But it’s hard to be real when you’re not”.
– Mary Mazzocco, Contra Costa Times

“…They take a shot at anything that moves. ‘I’m in heaven’ is an ode to self-centeredness and apathy. ‘But now I know I love only me…I’m in heaven and I know the right one is me.’ The song ‘Little Head’ is a hilarious take on seemingly uncontrollable sexual urges (ala Bill Clinton).”
– MISH MASH Mandate/On-Line Magazine; Oakland

“Armed and gregarious with an acoustic guitar, from deep in the heart of suburbia, Ocean has stockpiled sarcasm, developed weapons of mass deconstruction and laced lyrics with lethal wit…he really puts the ‘hum’ in humor.”
– Sam McManis

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